where it all began...

by Skye Katzeff

Dear 5fm and Wonga, fast little loans. 

I work as a Doctor in a clinic in Soweto called Tladi Clinic. It is a primary care facility acting as the entry point into the system for patients. Yesterday, more than a third of the 60 patients I saw told me that they didnt have enough money to get from the clinic to Baragwanath Hospital where I had referred them to specialists or that they hadn't taken their chronic medicines because they didnt have MONEY FOR FOOD. One lady debilitated by a degenerative cerebeller disease wept at my desk, when i offered her my lunch, she devoured it in front of me like a crazed person. It wares a spirit down to be so close to such desperation every day. 

On my way home I heard the Wonga tingle and as usual the duality of this planet induced a few tears and then I thought, What if 5fm or Wonga could help me start a fund that would help patients get to their appointments when necessary and provide them with a meal at the clinic. I could get one of the multitude of unemployed gogo's who lives in the area to make a big stew every morning? The possibilities are endless, but I need a little help.

So perhaps Wonga or anybody else who is reading, might send a few dollar or an implementable plan in this direction and help me make this possible? I know it is an abyss, but every starfish counts, doesn't it?
Please and Thank You very much.
Skye Katzeff, skyedanielle@gmail.com