Preparations for spring

by Rachel Prince

July 15, 2014


We are proud to announce that with the help of generous friends and sponsors and our dedicated kitchen team we have managed to keep our soup kitchen up and running for one whole year serving a hearty soup lunch three days a week.

Our next goal will be to wean our kitchen off of store-bought produce and onto a supply of fresh community grown veggies from our plot here at Sibhale.

We are currently in the middle of a particularly cold South African winter. Short days of bright sunlight and nights that go down to freezing…not the best time to get new veggies growing.  So in these winter months we use our time to prepare our garden for the coming spring and summer season.

In celebration of Mandela Day on July 18th we will brought the first team in to start building infrastructure for new raised veggie beds, composting system, and vertical garden wall.

The coming weeks will include delivery of fertile organic compost soil, and acquisition of seedlings and seeds to start going in after our last August frost.  We hope the September rains will start just in time to give our garden the life that it needs to blossom into a nourishing spring bounty. 

Work gloves are going on so we will type the next update soon.

Thanks for reading and your continued support.