Living on the edge

by Rachel Prince

At Sibahle Community we focus on increasing food security for the public health patients of Tladi, Soweto. But Tladi is not the only area that could benefit greatly from a local supply of healthy food from a community food garden.  A look around the area reveals that people are living with a massive amount of insecurity in general. Unfit housing, high unemployment, chronic illness, no access to clean running water or bathrooms, no local schools, grocery stores, the list goes on.

Creating food gardens in these areas isn't going to fix all the problems but it's a small simple thing that people can start doing immediately with positive results in the form of free local healthy food. And the best part is that the amount of capital investment that is needed to kick start this improvement is so so small.  So please look at the picture below and try to visualize these shacks surrounded by rich and bountiful gardens tended and harvested by the people that live there. We believe it's possible. 

An informal housing settlement just off of Klipspruit Valley Road which is a 4 lane highway in Soweto. These shacks have no plumbing, heat, or bathrooms (see portable toilet on far right of image).