The Soweto Garden Root

 A curated tour of Soweto's urban farms

Amid the vast space, sprawling shacks, and busy taxi ranks, there is a quiet revolution bubbling up in Soweto... a food revolution. Urban farmers are fortifying the poor quality soil and planting gardens and even raising live stock in the middle of the township. They are creating food security by bringing agrarian values back in the 'hood. Join us for a day tour through these urban homesteads, and meet the farmers and activists behind them.

International visitors as well as South Africans have the opportunity to access an unusual side of the famous township. Many people take a typical "township" tour to Soweto where they can peer at shacks through the window of a moving bus and visit museums.

We invite you to try something different and become a part of a positive and powerful movement that shows off the ingenuity, and fortitude of the people who are living in the area striving to make change within their communities.

Gardening is a solution to poverty, malnutrition,  food insecurity, and unemployment. It also creates local commerce, builds pride, and creates beauty in an area that was originally constructed to discourage community building. Your tour will bring much needed funds to keep these gardens going.

Tours are set up upon request by contacting Rachel or +27 (0)72 152 3867.

Sibahle Community is a proud member of 10,000 Gardens for Africa, an initiative of Slow Food International